Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Eat the Blog

"Me don't know art, but me know what me like: FOOD!"
-Cookie Monster

Every blog has to start somewhere, with a first post. Since you're reading, let me tell you why I wanted a blog, and what I plan to do with it.

I've resisted blogging for years now. For one, I'm a Chemical Engineering student with two jobs, and I don't need the additional drain on my time. Still, I find myself wanting to share things with the world at large; this might be hubris, but I'll let the world decide if it's interested in what I have to say.

I promise not to talk about my cat. For one thing, I don't have one--I'm allergic, and I don't really like them anyway. I will only post here if I genuinely think that what I have to say will be interesting, useful, or entertaining to people other than myself.

I plan to blog about Energy, Chemistry, Education, Ambigrams, Computers and Programming, Web Development, Religion, and more. (See, I said "and more," so when I post on random stuff you can't be all like, "Hey, what the heck!")

This party's just getting started...


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