Saturday, September 23, 2006


You may not have heard of the term. An Ambigram is a letterform that exhibits some form of symmetry, be it rotational, reflectional, etc. There are some that occur naturally (such as MOM - turn it upside-down, and it becomes WOW), but most you have to twist and shape until the cooperate. I've been making them on and off for several years, and I intend to post several to this blog. Fair warning.

I credit Scott Kim with getting me started on these things (even though he has no idea what he's done. :). His book, Inversions, is a treasure trove and a wonder. Thoroughly worth the $10 it cost me to buy a copy.


At 7:45 PM MDT, Blogger nagfa said...


can't wait to see your ambigram designs.. we design ambigrams too.

visit us and participate in the world's first ambigram challenge (NAC) open to all ambigram enthusiasts..

salam, (peace)


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