Saturday, September 23, 2006


In my last post, I heaped praise upon FlexTime. I was going to anyway, but the main reason I did it right now is because I wanted to post about this thing I've written. I (unimaginatively) call it FlexLog. It's a collection of AppleScript scripts which log your usage of FlexTime. So, now I can keep a record of when I've done stretches and how long I've spent on them, which information is useful to me in managing my time.

Heck, sometimes it's just interesting to know these things. So, I offer it to you for download, for free. I'm calling it a beta release, because it hasn't received any testing beyond just on my local machine, and there may well be bugs. However, as of now I know of no issues with it. If you find one, do please let me know.

It uses an Excel spreadsheet to keep the log, so you'll need Excel, too.

Download FlexLog Beta 1


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